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Strong Winds can Damage Your Roof

The beginning of spring tends to be an extremely windy time of year.  Many shingles are rated to withstand winds of 90 miles per hour.  However, we can see damage begin to take place when wind speeds hit around 50 miles per hour.  Our contractors see this happen all over the valley for a variety of reasons.  Older roofs will lose their ability to withstand a beating that a harsh windstorm can bring.  Wind does not hit your roofing system evenly.  Areas like corners, the edge of the roof and the ridgeline are the main areas that are susceptible to damage.

How can a roof be damage due to the wind?

Exposing your roof to leaks:  Wind can curl, lift or remove shingles over time.  When shingles are blown off completely, it is an obvious sign of damage.  Lifted and curled shingles are more troublesome because they can be difficult to notice and diagnose from ground level.

Damage due to objects hitting your roof:  Items such as branches, sticks or general debris can fly at high speeds during a storm.  These various items can lead to puncture marks or small cracks if they hit your roofing system hard enough.  Elements such as water, ice and sunlight can then bleed into various layers to breakdown your sealant.

Debris can lead to a lack of proper draining:  Wind storms can and usually will remove the granules from shingles.  Items such as leaves, twigs and these granules will collect in your gutters and cause water distribution problems.  When water from rain and snowmelt is not able to leave your property foundation properly it can lead to leaking in your foundation.

What can be done about a damaged roof?

If you notice the warnings signs of a damaged roof, it is essential to address these problems right away.  The unfortunate reality is the longer you wait, the worse the damage will become.  As with most repairs on your home or business, it is vital to use a contractor company you can trust.  It is worth your time to find the best roofing company near you to help ensure you get a quality replacement for your family.  Research online to find contractor companies that have online reviews from satisfied customers.

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