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Exactly How to Identify Wind Damages to Shingles

With Utah’s notorious storm season quick approaching, we always like to take this opportunity to help prepare homeowners for what’s ahead. As a leading SLC roofing contractor, we have helped residents fix and replace roofs after sustaining storm damage. Many of us think of hailstorm raining down causing large amounts of damage. However, wind damage can be equally as harmful. Let’s take a more detailed look at how to find wind damage and what you ought to do.

How can wind damages a roof covering?

When a significant wind storm hits, your roof covering is not hit equally. Rather different locations of your roof, depending upon height and orientation, will be influenced in various ways. Typically, corners and also ridgelines receive the most strain. Loosened shingles are one of the main areas of concern as they are likely to be blown off. When solid gusts of wind lift shingles or tear them off completely, your underlayment can be exposed to the elements, making your house susceptible to leaks.

Not only can solid winds create straight damages to your roofing system, they can likewise trigger particles to strike and harm your roof covering. From falling trees to flying debris, wind storms can present a significant risk to your residential property.

Wind Damages: What to Look For
There are lots of indicators to look for when checking your property for wind damage consisting of:

Loose or missing shingles: the fastest means to find wind damages is to search for loose or missing roof shingles. Not only is this an eyesore, it means that your home is not properly protected from rain, snow, hail or even damage from sunlight.
Loose granules: inspect your seamless gutters and also the ground around the outside or your residence for loosened granules. This is a sign of erosion and may require to repair or replace it.
Damage to flashing: strong wind gusts can inflict chaos on your flashing. Take a look at the flashing around your chimney in addition to the joints of your roofing system. It’s always recommended that you call a credible Salt Lake City roof business if it appears to have lifted or sustained damage such as cracks.
Curling tiles: raised or curled sides of shingles are indicators of roofing wind damage. Have a look at your roof covering, if you see crinkled roof shingles, you should address this issue as quickly as possible. Remember, a compromised roof means far more issues than just external problems. An experienced roofer will be able to help you analyze the wellness of your roofing system. This will help you know exactly where you stand, and what options you have for your home. What begins as a little problem can quickly expand right into a major issue if left unaddressed.

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