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How Do I Know if my Roof has Suffered Storm Damage?

We all know that Utah is known for its severe climate.  We tend to see the extremes in both summer and winter seasons.  These changes can seriously affect our homes and roofing systems.  While our roofs are built to endure a great deal, that does not mean that they can’t be harmed during extreme weather situations.  The damage inflicted on a roof can range from minor, and hard to detect, to structural damage that requires an emergency repair or replacement situation.

Indications of Storm Damage to Roof Covering

A large storm can bring several things that can all damage or destroy your roofing system, including:

  • heavy rains
  • hail
  • extreme winds
  • ice and snow
  • lighting

These storm conditions can all impact your roof, leaving large damage in their wake.  Even though a strong wind storm can do a lot of damage to roof coverings, these damages can sometimes not be obvious to the untrained eye.  There are ways to tell whether or not a roof, shingles or flashings require repairs or replacements from environmental damage.  So how exactly do you recognize if your roof is harmed?  Below are a couple of methods that you can perform on your own to know if you need to call local roofers near you.

A missing part of your roof: Let’s start with an obvious one.  By walking around your property once the storm has passed, and can usually see if part of your roof covering is missing.  Occasionally when the wind is severe enough, parts of your roof or shingles can be ripped off and found in your yard or neighborhood.

Physical damages:  If the roof has been harmed by a hail storm, the surface of your roof can have physical damages such as broken shingles, fractures, cracks, and even dents.  Even small damage can wear away over time and the effects will worsen with either the next storm or freezing during the winter time.  There are various other things on the roof that can be harmed that will call for storm damages roof repair work. These components of the roof covering consist of flashing, vents, chimneys, and skylights, which can be fractured and also nicked.

Seamless gutter damage:  Other indications that you could have roofing system damage is when your rain gutter is dented, nicked or is coming away from your roof covering.  This is an issue that must be repaired right away because a damaged rain gutter will not properly remove water from the foundation of your home.  When water is allowed to collect at the base of your home it can flood the basement and damage interior walls.

Home exterior damage:  Other exterior home damage can lead you to believe that your roofing system has been damaged.  These include damage to your siding, fascia, soffit, home windows, and doors.  If these locations end up being harmed, it is a great indication that your roof is likely in the same state of repair.  Look for fallen trees or branches from serious winds.  Large and heavy items like these can damage the exterior of your home if they strike it.

Exactly How Can You Secure Your Residence From Storm Damages?

The results from a large storm can be devastating to your home, with effects that can rapidly lead to more issues.  While we can never fully be prepared when nature strikes, there are things that can help prepare your home in the future.  Part of what experienced roofing and exterior design companies can do is to help you understand how fortified your home if against future damage.  It is a good idea to properly evaluate all damage to your home after a storm, this includes taking pictures so you have evidence of the overall damage.  If your home has been damaged in Salt Lake City, Provo or Ogden consider calling Rock Top Roofing to help you recover from the damage by calling (801) 567-1234.