How much does a Roof Replacement in Sandy Cost?

At Rock Top, we often get phone calls from homeowners wanting to know a general cost associated with getting a new roof. The truth is that it is next to impossible to give an accurate “ballpark” over the phone. Even though it might be a little frustrating to not get numbers over the phone, it is really in your best interest to not get instant pricing. You have to remember, upgrading your roofing system is not like getting on and searching for a new pair of shoes. The easiest, best and most solid way of getting a price is to request a free roof inspection near you.

What information can be gathered?

The most important thing that will be covered during your inspection will be evaluating the overall condition of your roof. Our contractors are trained to tell customers their exact situation. This means if you are told they recommend installing a new roofing system that is their honest opinion.

You get several options and solutions.

No one likes to feel as though they are backed into a corner and must make a decision right away. When a representative from Rock Top comes to your location we are looking to provide you with many options and solutions. It is our goal to provide you with the proper information to make a decision that is right for your family. We are experts at working with insurance companies to help get the job done. As a company we believe everyone should be able to replace an old, damaged roof should they need to. We are happy to offer financing options to help relieve any financial stress associated with a replacement.

At the end of the day, the best way to learn the cost of a new roof is by getting a free roofing inspection. If you want to learn more, contact Rock Top today.

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