5 Important Facts to Know about De-Icing Roofs

  • The most common product for de-icing a roof is called heat tape or heat cable.

  • Heat tape is an electric wire that is installed in a zig-zag pattern on the edges of the roof.

  • The cable is designed to melt any snow or ice, preventing ice damming on the vulnerable parts of the roof.

  • There is another product designed to accomplish more efficient de-icing called STEP

  • STEP is a plastic sheet with copper wiring inside that is installed underneath the shingles.

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More About STEP De-Icing System

  • Better & More Secure Installation Process

    The STEP design allows installers to nail through the material without compromising its functionality.

  • Control Threshold Temperature on Roof

    The sheets are connected to a thermostat inside your home so you can set a threshold temperature.

  • An Automated Approach to De-Icing

    If you set the STEP thermostat to 34°, the de-icing sheets will warm and melt the snow whenever the outside temperature drops below 34°.

  • A More Efficient & Aesthetically Pleasing Investment

    Though STEP material is more expensive than heat tape, it is more efficient, more aesthetic, and less likely to be damaged by the elements.

  • A Good Roofing Decision

    De-icing materials are a worthwhile investment for homes that are subject to ice damming and frequent repairs. This is especially common with lower-pitched roofs and in colder environments.

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