5 Things to Expect with Every Roof Inspection at Rock Top

  • We ensure to provide peace of mind to all homeowners with our thorough and mistake-proof inspection process

    You may think that in order to have a thorough inspection that our consultants would have to pull shingles, drill holes, or over all destroy the current state of your roof. This is not the case here at Rock Top, our process is all external with the occasional lifting of shingles. We aim to protect your investment and your wallet, while also making you feel at ease that you are properly being protected from above.

  • Roofing systems are the first line of defense in the complete building envelope.

    Roofing systems must be able to protect a structure from the natural hazards associated with the local environment, including rain, hail, snow, high winds, temperature extremes—even fire. Wind rushing over a roof, for instance, produces lift, much like an airplane wing. This lift creates tremendous turbulence and dynamic stresses. Powerful eddies and vortices, which resemble horizontal tornadoes, churn along roof perimeters and corners. These forces can rip at roof covers, flashing, insulation and the underlying roof structure.

  • To change your expectation of what working with a roofing company is like.

    Most other companies send a technician to come evaluate your roof, sometimes with mistakes, misdiagnosis, and they just hand you a receipt. You might also experience times where the condition of your roof has gone down after the technician came to evaluate it. Rock Top’s consultants alleviate the already so stressful situation by carefully examining your roof’s condition and all other needs from basic visual inspections to thermal imaging and complex moisture detection services. Once we are done we sit down and talk out what options you have and which are the most economical and overall safest for your investment.

  • A Customer Friendly process by a Top Quality, Profession Team

    We stand behind our work 100%. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our friendly team will be with you every step of the way. Rock Top is here to change your expectation of what working with a roofing company is like. Rock Top stands behind their work, with outstanding customer service and quality. As a GAF Certified Contractor, we also offer the GAF System Plus Non-Prorated 50 year manufacturer’s warranty for defects.

  • Your Complete Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

    Our goal is to make you feel that you received the very best roofing service, the very best experience you have ever had with a roofing inspection company. However, there may be a rare case where we miss something or that we happen to make a mistake. If that case, you can rest assured knowing that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that we fix the issue and that you are completely satisfied. Every customer matters to us!!

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