5 Important Excerpts from the DFCM for roof replacements

  • Roofing material manufacturers must have a certified installer/contractor program that includes continuing education.

  • The contractor must be legally licensed in the state of Utah and carry liability insurance.

  • The existing roof membrane (underlayment) must be removed. That means every layer of shingle must be removed first.

  • Roof deck must be evaluated and replaced if needed.

  • Any slope less than 4/12 must have full ice and water shield installed.

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More About Our Roofing Installations

  • Designing as if it's our own Roof

    At Rock Top, we design each roof system as if it were our own. We use high-quality GAF HD Timberline Shingles, Ice and Water underlayment, and valley metal where needed. We evaluate parts of the roof that may require the use of radiant heat technology. We also look for ways to ensure the attic can be properly ventilated to preserve the life of the roof and well as improve energy efficiencies for the home.

  • The Best Value for Your Investment

    When asking for estimates on the replacement of your roof, ensure that all the material and installation requirements mentioned above are met to be sure you are getting the best VALUE for your investment.

  • The First Line of Defense

    Roofing systems are the first line of defense in the complete building envelope. Roofing systems must be able to protect a structure from the natural hazards associated with the local environment, including rain, hail, snow, high winds, temperature extremes—even fire.

  • Protecting Your Property

    Wind rushing over a roof, for instance, produces lift, much like an airplane wing. This lift creates tremendous turbulence and dynamic stresses. Powerful eddies and vortices, which resemble horizontal tornadoes, churn along roof perimeters and corners. These forces can rip at roof covers, flashing, insulation and the underlying roof structure.

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