Roofing FAQs

Three things separate Rock Top from most roofing or exterior design companies.

1. We provide superior service and use high-quality materials. We pride ourselves in integrity and transparency and have a passion for helping people.

2. We are experts at consulting homeowners with property claims and are their advocate through the entire insurance claim process.

3. We understand the importance of ventilating the attic when we do the roof. This includes ensuring there is an equal or greater amount of intake to exhaust for the ventilation system to work.

Rock Top performs roof inspections and can install various kinds of roofs, i.e. asphalt, TPO, metal, and tile. We also enjoy doing exterior makeovers to improve the value of the home such as new siding, energy-efficient windows, stucco, custom entry and garage doors. We offer de-icing systems for roofs that are vulnerable to ice and snow. We can also provide a consultant to determine if solar panels would provide a financial advantage.

Repairs can be made if the shingles are not thin, worn, or brittle. However, even if you have some “Do It Yourself” experience, inserting new shingles under old, brittle ones can break the surrounding ones. Using the correct length of nails is critical to ensure the shingles don’t come off or the nails don’t cause more leaks if too long.

Furthermore, mixing new shingles with old ones will ensure they won’t age the same, causing uneven wear and potential leaking. If there is any sudden damage to your roof, like missing shingles or hail marks, we recommend replacing the entire roof before you experience greater damage to the inside of your home.

Of course! As professionals, we also protect you by maintaining liability insurance. In addition to determining the life and serviceability of a roof, we are experts at identifying storm damage caused by wind and hail. We also have experience locating leaks that may be caused by a worn or damaged roof.

Yes, we provide access to a direct lender called PowerPay that specializes in loans for remodel and roof replacement projects. The application is quick and simple and can be found on the Home Page of our website.