4 Reasons to Choose Rock Top for Your Roof Inspection

  • We Specialize in Roof Inspections

    Not all building inspectors specialize in roofs. Our experience with roofs allows us to identify storm damage, wear-and-tear, or any potential weaknesses that need to be addressed. We will also let you know if your roof is in good condition and no action is required.

  • We Will Identify When a Roof Should Be Repaired or Replaced

    We will identify the vulnerability and longevity of the existing roof to provide options for the most practical and cost-effective solutions.

  • We Will Identify Storm-Damaged Roofs

    We are skilled and experienced at identifying hail and wind damage on roofs. This allows us to advise homeowners regarding property damage claims. We are familiar with how different insurance companies respond to these claims and can offer advice accordingly. We can also assist homeowners through the claim process.

  • We Provide Unique Material Solutions

    Most roofs in Utah do not have adequate ventilation, especially when the insulation has covered up the soffit intake. We have a special solution for this. Also, due to our four seasons and extreme temperatures, valleys are extremely vulnerable to water damage and leaking. We can identify which parts of the roof should have valley metal installed. Improper installation of drip edge and gutters can result in water damage to the soffit and home interior. We ensure that these components are installed properly so that the integrity of your roof is maintained and your home is protected.

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