The Benefits of Getting a New Roof

Many homeowners are familiar with the responsibilities that go into maintaining a family home.  Our roofing system is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting us from the elements.  That being said, we tend to take our roofs for granted.

It is highly recommended that you perform regular inspections around your property.  This is especially true if you live in areas that are prone to severe storms, or fluctuating weather.  Even if small problems are addressed a roofing system will eventually need to be replaced.  Although we may not relish in the idea of large home improvement, replacing an old roof is actually an investment, one that has outstanding benefits.

It is a fairly high return on your investment

Unlike other repairs, you can actually expect to get most of the money back should you sell your property.  On average homeowners will be able to keep 60-70 percent of the replacement costs onto the value of the home during a sale.

Help keep your home energy efficient

Many people do not realize how large a part your roofing system has to play when it comes to keeping your home comfortable.  Today’s modern materials and construction helps aid your HVAC system is keeping your home cool during summer and warm during winter.

Unattended damage will only get worse

If you have ever dealt with a home repair before you should know one thing, small issues eventually become larger issues.  Replacing a damaged roof is a sound way to avoid larger issues in the future.  One example is a cracked roof or one with broken or missing shingles.  When this happens water is allowed to leak in or around the home.  This causes mildew, mold and other issues.

This is a quick look at some of the common benefits of replacing your roof.  In the end, you should consult a local roofing company in your location.  Reputable contractors will be able to help you understand the costs and benefits associated with this decision.  If you live in Utah contact our Salt Lake City roofers to schedule an inspection.

Home improvement can be a stressful situation, especially in unexpected situations that arise due to an accident or natural damage resulting from a storm.  When it comes to replacing your roof, homeowners are faced with a challenging decision.  They need to weigh the potential costs or professionally replacing the roof, with the benefits a new roof brings.  At Rock Top, we believe that replacing your roof is a valuable investment when the good far outweighs any headache.  Below are some of the important factors to consider before you call a local roof replacement company.

A new roof can instantly increase the value of your home.

As a rule of thumb homeowners can recuperate around 70% of every dollar spent on a new roof.  This means that although initial costs may sound like a large investment, most of the money will be returned to you if you ever decide to sell your home.  Having a roof that is functioning properly and free from damage is necessary to avoid further damage to your property.  That is what separates replacing your damaged roof from other replacements.  At some point it is necessary, but one that will increase the overall value of your home.

You will increase your comfort levels of efficiency.

Modern roofing solutions have kept with the times.  One of their largest features if that they will help insulate your home and keep temperatures at consistent levels.  A professionally installed roofing system will help reduce your energy costs in both the summer and winter seasons.  We recommend speaking with an expert about various energy efficient roofing options to go over your needs and expectations.

The right company provides extensive warranties and insurance options.

One of the largest factors that separate Rock Top from other options is our unique ability to work with our customers.  Our GAF certified contractors can offer extended warranties, in the case of a roof replacement it is a lifetime warranty.  We also help our customers with friendly financing options to help even modest budgets enjoy the benefits of a new roof.

Our staff works with your insurance company to cover the cost of a replacement, and in many cases, it is completely covered as part of many policies.  We are happy to offer consultations to show you what we can do for you, call today to learn more.  At Rock Top, we employ only the best and most conscientious professionals in home exterior remodeling and design.  Customer service, price, and quality workmanship are all important features.  We pride ourselves in providing the overall “best value” for our customers.

At Rock Top, we often get phone calls from homeowners wanting to know a general cost associated with getting a new roof. The truth is that it is next to impossible to give an accurate “ballpark” over the phone. Even though it might be a little frustrating to not get numbers over the phone, it is really in your best interest to not get instant pricing. You have to remember, upgrading your roofing system is not like getting on and searching for a new pair of shoes. The easiest, best and most solid way of getting a price is to request a free roof inspection near you.

What information can be gathered?

The most important thing that will be covered during your inspection will be evaluating the overall condition of your roof. Our contractors are trained to tell customers their exact situation. This means if you are told they recommend installing a new roofing system that is their honest opinion.

You get several options and solutions.

No one likes to feel as though they are backed into a corner and must make a decision right away. When a representative from Rock Top comes to your location we are looking to provide you with many options and solutions. It is our goal to provide you with the proper information to make a decision that is right for your family. We are experts at working with insurance companies to help get the job done. As a company we believe everyone should be able to replace an old, damaged roof should they need to. We are happy to offer financing options to help relieve any financial stress associated with a replacement.

At the end of the day, the best way to learn the cost of a new roof is by getting a free roofing inspection. If you want to learn more, contact Rock Top today.

Your roofing system is actually a large investment for the overall price of your home. In general, a new roof installation will add the same dollar amount to the price of your home that it costs initially. Taking things one step further a professionally installed roof will protect your home from damage due to leaks or freezing water. Perhaps you feel that your roof is past its prime and you are considering a replacement. The first question you may have is, “who do I trust to do a good job?” After all, you deserve to not only have the job done correctly, you want to make sure that the work will last for years and decades to come.

How to find the right company for you?

The first step most people take is to grab their phone and begin searching online. This is a great method if you know what you are looking for. It is a good idea to check out companies that are closet your home, but that is not everything. Look for what is known as social proof. These are things like online reviews through Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Reputable companies should have a handful to hundreds of customer reviews. It is also helpful to take a look at the social media profiles and websites of companies you are considering contacting. A good rule of thumb is that the more attention a company puts into their online presence, the higher quality their products and service.

Find companies that are truly knowledgable

As with any professional service, the representative should be a well of information. When our phone rings the most common questions people have are, “how long will it take to replace my roof?” and “How long with it take?” The answer to these questions is multifaceted. It is important to work with someone who makes you feel confident and trusting of their services. Ask to be provided options and explanations for why they recommend a certain solution. The best roofing companies should be able to breakdown the entire process in a way that leaves understanding what to expect, not filled with doubt or further questions they cannot answer.

Insurance proof

Liability and workers compensation coverage is easily verified. However, companies can’t just claim that they’re insured. Demand to see visual proof of said insurance. If they are reputable, they won’t hesitate to provide this information. NEVER, EVER HIRE A CONTRACTOR THAT DOES NOT HAVE INSURANCE. You could end up liable in case of any injury or sub-par work that leads to further damage.

What Does Warranty Cover?

A roofing contractor shouldn’t just give you a material warranty. They have to guarantee the quality of work. Do not choose any roofing contractor unless they offer more than a year of warranty. It may be helpful to make sure it is clearly stated in the contract, in detail.

Portfolio Work

If you need a clear perspective on how a roofer conducts their business. Ask them for a list of current projects they are working on and if you are able to come to see it yourself. A reputable roof contractor will not only provide an address, but they would be glad you have asked. They should be proud to show off their work, so show up during business hours. Make sure they are efficient, keep the work site clean, and it looks like they are not just botching their work.

How will it protect your property?

You are investing in a roofing contractor and it is important to make sure your property is being protected during the process. You’ve already made sure that they are managing their work properly to keep your property safe. However, if you’re already paying, you shouldn’t have to clean up. Make sure that the contractor always catches debris with tarps and relocates it themselves. Sometimes it would be even better if you ask if they can go over the lawn with a magnet powerful enough to grab any loose nails. Make sure that clean up is free if it isn’t part of

Initial quote

Hiring the correct roof contractor can be quite a tedious task. You need a good roof over your investment. It is crucial to get answers to the right questions before you hire any roofing contractor. Call Rock Top today for the best roof contractor that is not only the best but also the right contractor to hire.


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